For Immediate Release

Winnipeg, Canada 

Dr. Magdy Younes, research founder of Canadian digital health company, Cerebra, is taking the stage this week at the 2019 World Sleep Congress in Vancouver. The event offers access to a worldwide forum of sleep professionals to advance current medical and scientific thinking, discover ways to improve sleep health and encourage the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders. 

Dr. Younes is speaking to a number of topics at the World Sleep Congress including the advantages of digital sleep analysis compared to current manual scoring methods as well as the use of new sleep performance metrics like Odds Ratio Product (ORP) and derivative measures to better understand sleep dynamics.

“During his time at Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Dr. Younes witnessed how sleep medicine was lagging behind other fields in the application of digital technology, and the patient care was suffering as a result,” explains Dawson Reimer, CEO Cerebra. “ORP Sleep Depth provides a detailed story about how different events during the night can impact your overall sleep quality. This is a real game-changer for the industry and it’s helping define the future of sleep analysis.”

His research in respirology, critical care medicine and sleep medicine, along with inventing the Odds Ratio Product, has made him a pioneer in the development of digital sleep analysis. ORP Sleep Depth, an objective, fully-digital, continuous measurement of sleep depth available exclusively from Cerebra, is helping experts gain a deeper understanding of sleep and the important impact it has on quality of life, performance and longevity. 

Cerebra was built from the pioneering work of Dr. Younes and is the first company to bring a true  assessment of sleep to the comfort of home. “This technology allows us to deliver lab quality sleep assessments in the comfort of a person’s own home.” explains Reimer. “And then, importantly, give them an accurate and in-depth picture of the quality of their sleep.”

Through advanced digital sleep analysis and insights, Cerebra can measure sleep with greater accuracy than conventional, manual metrics, helping people understand their unique sleep depth and quality.