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The way we evaluate the depth and quality of sleep is shifting. A new study finds the Odds Ratio Product (ORP Sleep Depth) from Cerebra, an objective, fully-digital, continuous measurement of sleep depth, is helping experts gain a deeper understanding of sleep, sleep disorders and treatment options. 

This study of patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the first to use ORP Sleep Depth to measure the impact of an intervention on sleep, finding sleep quality improved following continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment. It also showed that CPAP treatment has a varying effect on the sleep of the patient, indicating that some individuals may be more or less sensitive to any specific treatment approach.

Until now, sleep science has lacked an easily applied, objective measure of sleep depth. “ORP Sleep Depth is an attractive measure not only in that it distills sleep depth to a single index but also because it can be obtained in an automated manner,” explains Charles Gerhard Penner, MD, FRCPC, lead researcher in the study. Using digital sleep analysis fueled by ORP Sleep Depth, doctors can recommend and evaluate different treatment approaches for sleep apnea, based not only on their ability to open the airway, but also their impact on sleep depth and quality.


Understanding sleep like never before

Sleep measurement and analysis has traditionally required an overnight stay in a sleep lab, which meant doctors could diagnose and treat sleep apnea with limited ability to measure the impact of that treatment on sleep quality. Now, with Cerebra digital sleep analysis and ORP Sleep Depth, there is a way to measure patients’ sleep depth and quality both before and after treatment.

“Until now, management of sleep apnea, whether by CPAP or other approaches, has focused on keeping the airway open, while giving little consideration to the effect of the treatment on the person’s sleep,” Dawson Reimer, CEO of Cerebra. “There is growing evidence that sleep itself, and not just air flow, is an important factor in caring for patients with sleep apnea.”  

The ability to bring sleep assessment to the place where it happens, in the patient’s own home, and to apply advanced digital sleep analysis to measure sleep with greater accuracy than conventional, manual metrics, shows potential for this approach to improve care for sleep. 

This paper is part of a growing field of work validating and applying ORP Sleep Depth to objectively measure sleep quality, helping to advance our understanding of brain activity during sleep and the important impact it has on quality of life, performance and longevity. 

This technology is available exclusively through Cerebra, offering comprehensive sleep study services available regionally as

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About Odds Ratio Product (ORP)

The development of ORP Sleep Depth as a digital measure of sleep quality is a breakthrough in sleep analysis technology and continues to fuel new research, helping to advance our understanding of brain activity when we sleep and the important impact it has on quality of life, performance and longevity.  ORP is based on power spectral analysis of the EEG signal and developed by renowned medical researcher Dr. Magdy Younes in response to the limitations offered by R&K scoring method.  

Cerebra ORP Sleep Depth is available exclusively through Prodigy DSA, medical device software that has received approval by Health Canada for use in the assessment of sleep and diagnosis of sleep disorders.  


About Cerebra

Cerebra Health Inc. (Cerebra) is a Manitoba-based, digital health company focused on improving access to advanced digital sleep analysis and diagnostic technology for the assessment of sleep and the diagnosis of sleep disorders. 

Cerebra Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cerebra Health, operates an ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System for the design, development and manufacture of EEG sleep monitoring systems and medical device software for collection and analysis of physiological data recorded during sleep.  Cerebra Medical holds an MDSAP certificate in conformance with the requirements of Health Canada and FDA.  

Cerebra sleep study services provide unmatched capabilities for in-home sleep analysis, with a focus on improved user experience, state-of-the-art technology, and increased operational efficiency.  Cerebra is also working in partnership with leading sleep scientists and researchers to revolutionize clinical sleep medicine by leveraging its core capabilities in digital sleep analysis.