Winnipeg, Manitoba

Younes Medical Technologies is pleased to announce Health Canada approval for the Prodigy Sleep Monitor. Prodigy will revolutionize sleep medicine by enabling service providers to collect important new information on sleep quality and depth from a study conducted in the patient’s own home.

Prodigy is a portable EEG monitor that can be shipped directly to a patient’s door, yet provides signals of the same quality as those collected in a sleep lab. In addition, Prodigy provides a new measure of sleep quality, named the “Odds Ratio Product”, which has been validated in numerous peer-reviewed studies as a continuous, quantitative measure of sleep depth. Prodigy is light-weight and uses wireless technology to ensure minimum discomfort for the patient; this critically allows them to sleep as they normally would, providing doctors with a true representation of the patient’s normal sleeping patterns.

“I believe that this system will revolutionize the investigation practices of sleep disorders.”

Dr. Eleni Giannouli, Medical Director of the Sleep Disorder Center, Misericordia Health Center