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Michele provides two significant advantages over manual sleep scoring.

First, fully-automated or digitally-assisted sleep scoring, reduces the time and effort required to score a sleep study with a high level of accuracy. Second, Michele leverages digital sleep analysis to generate advanced metrics, including a new and patented measure of sleep quality referred to as the Sleep Depth Scale (Odds Ratio Product); these tools assist doctors in making their diagnosis. 

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Michele is easy to use and scores any EDF file generated by a sleep data recorder. While the accuracy of the autoscoring has been thoroughly validated in a peer-reviewed independent study, review and edit of the scoring results can easily be carried out before the generation of a customizable summary report. If you prefer to edit the autoscored results, Michele comes with a built in Editing Feature that scans the scoring and identifies potential areas for review. Whatever your scoring needs, Michele will provide increased efficiency and depth for your sleep lab operation.

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  • Fully automated or computer-assisted scoring of sleep stages, arousals, respiratory events, and leg movements     
  • Editing Helper to scan scoring results for potential areas to review    
  • Accuracy validated by the highest standards of validation     
  • Advanced "digital sleep analytics" to help with diagnosis    
  • Scoring of a file within 5-15 minutes from time of upload 
  • Minimal setup prior to scoring     
  • Customizable summary reports  
  • Usable with any EDF file


  • Greatly increased efficiency in scoring studies 
  • Unmatched consistency in scoring results    
  • More information for doctors, including a quantitative measure of sleep depth     
  • Independently validated scoring accuracy

The Prodigy Sleep Monitor/Michele Sleep Scoring System is manufactured by Younes Medical Technologies, an ISO 13485 certified company.  More information on YMT can be found here.